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Be Cool House Rules


Be Cool House Rules

how we can all
just get along ;)

Working with co-workers is exciting, inspiring, motivating and super fun – but working in a communal space also means that we need to be courteous and mindful of our fellow desk mates … and that’s why we have the Be Cool House Rules:

Mindful space

Co-working is an interpretive dance act where you have to learn and respect how your desk mates want to spend their time at Work Work. Some people need peace and quiet to do their best work while others need to interact. 

  • If you need to make or take a phone call, please step outside. 
  • Please use headphones when using Skype – or similar web conferencing programs.
  • If the co-working space is a little loud with excited chatter, please understand that you are in a communal space and sometimes this can’t be avoided – if it really bothers you, maybe use headphones and listen to some music.
  • Work Work is a co-working space for working. It’s fine to show people around our beautiful space, but this isn’t the place for you to hang out with friends who aren't officially there to work – maybe after giving your friends and family a tour of your new work space, take them out to celebrate at one of Mullumbimby’s amazing cafes.

Tread lightly

  • Please respect the beautiful space that has been created for you and clean up after yourself. 
  • If you use our kitchenware, please wash it up in our wonderful kitchen sink.
  • Don’t leave rubbish and clutter – recycle :) 
  • You’re welcome to spread out while you’re working, but please leave the space even better than you found it.
  • If you break something, we know it was an accident, but please tell us so we can try and fix it.

Connect, collaborate, create

Work Work was made with the dream of creating a gathering of creative thinkers who can come together, discover each other’s talents and build solid working relationships that potentially lead to awesome collaborations.

  • Introduce yourself, ask about each other’s work and get supportive of your co-working family!
  • Use the communal cork board to promote your business or event, your special offers or seek out collaboration.


We are a regional business and can currently only offer ADSL internet – we are on a waiting list for ADSL 2 and will endeavour to upgrade as soon as a port becomes available. We appreciate your consideration for your fellow co-workers and request that you leave super large downloads or streaming (e.g. movies, serious dropbox syncing, huge image files etc) for another time.


You are welcome to use our black and white laser printer for your work needs – but please be considerate and don't go and print a 900 page instruction manual. This service is complimentary and designed with your convenience in mind. For larger or colour print runs just ask us for some local professional printer recommendations :)